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Providing an idyllic life on the peninsula, North Fork is a true gem of Long Island. Greenport, the largest town in the area, provides a relaxed, simpler alternate option to other Long Island summer destinations such as Montauk or the Hamptons. Lined with small stores and chilled-out eateries along the village’s downtown avenue stretch, as well as other roadways that bridge Greenport to the North Fork’s nearby towns characterized by local-owned farm vendors and vineyards.
In addition to the coastal charm of the area, residents of the North Fork are privy to some of the best restaurants and shopping spots on the peninsula. Winetasting in the region has gained great popularity thanks to the beautiful views and the freshness of nearby farms. The North Fork is parallel with another even longer peninsula at the end of Long Island, known as the South Fork.

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His love for real estate motivated him to learn the family business of developing and selling high-end luxury real estate. Subsequently, Robert would later add commercial real estate and expertise to his skill set and personal portfolio, by developing and selling both high-end residential and commercial property on both the North and South Forks.

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