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Traditional shingle-style dominates here in the land of laid-back luxury.
Shaped by the American aristocracy of the early 20th century, Southampton's classic elegance draws second-home owners and weekenders who seek to spend their summers flocking to Coopers Beach. Adding to the town's appeal are its sidewalk cafes and exclusive Main Street and Jobs Lane shops, including Hildreth's, the oldest department store in America.
Life in "the country" is about slowing down and enjoying the scenery, whether at the beach or in the shops on Main Street and Jobs Lane. Classically conservative stalwarts and pop-ups from exclusive retailers mix with charming mom-and-pop shops in the village and sitting and sipping is a bonafide leisure activity.

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His love for real estate motivated him to learn the family business of developing and selling high-end luxury real estate. Subsequently, Robert would later add commercial real estate and expertise to his skill set and personal portfolio, by developing and selling both high-end residential and commercial property on both the North and South Forks.

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